Terms & Conditions


All offers shown on this site are subject to availability and change without prior notification.

The following terms apply to any regular booking of 1-2 units confirmed May 2009 or thereafter. (See here for bookings confirmed prior to that date.)

Additional or modified terms may apply in the case of groups/bookings of 3 or more units, as per email correspondence in such cases.

Rates and charges shown are

  • in US dollars
  • subject to local sales & lodging taxes applicable at the time of a given transaction for a stay (currently 19% total but subject to change even if not posted as such here)
  • per room/suite (not per person)
  • based on double occupancy (meaning up to 2 guests) for regular rooms/jr suites, and quintuple occupancy (meaning up to 5 guests) for 2-room suites
  • guaranteed for a specific stay only after payment of a deposit (see below)
  • subject to the minimum stay requirements indicated on rates tables, or to higher requirements noted for stays involving any designated holiday dates, whichever is greater for the dates/arrangements in question
  • accompanied by the following additional charges, where applicable:
    • $25 per night per additional guest ($35 for designated holiday nights), except with respect to children under 10 in the same unit with parent/guardian, and in no case to exceed maximum capacity of the unit(s) in question (4 for rooms/jr suites, 8 for 2-room suites)
    • $10 per night per additional bed (separate from additional guest charge)

Booking process & payment:

  • A deposit, most often equivalent to the charge for 3-4 nights per unit at non-discounted rates and paid at the time of booking, is required as a guarantee to the hotel in order to confirm a reservation. (We cannot hold an arrangement without such a deposit payment first being completed.) Official written confirmation of all reservation details is then provided via email upon completion of such payment.
  • Payment of any remaining balance will then be charged 60 days prior to the confirmed arrival date for the arrangement in question. (This is generally done automatically by the hotel, using the same payment authorization form, showing the full amount due for the stay, that was originally completed and returned by the guest at the time of booking.) If the arrival date is less than 60 days away at the time of booking, the entire payment for the stay is due in a single payment at the time of booking, but does not change the designation of part of the payment as the deposit and part of it as the balance.
  • Advance payment may be completed via Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. On-site payment, however (for any remaining or incidental charges), may be made in cash or recognized traveller's cheques in either US dollars or Mexican pesos, or via Visa or Mastercard, but not via American Express or Discover. Furthermore, such payment may require conversion to Mexican pesos, in which case published exchange rates for the date of the transaction or the next closest business day will be taken from reputable online sources such as OANDA, the Currency Site, and if made by credit card, the guest accepts sole responsibility for any and all surcharges applied by the card issuer to any such a transaction.

Cancellation policy:

  • Unless specified differently in writing during the reservation process for a particular stay, notification of cancellation (partial or full), date changes, room preference changes or any reductive changes to the overall value of the stay must be received by the hotel in writing (telephone communication is not sufficient, due to the need to avoid any potential confusion) according to the following:
    • first notification deadline: 30 calendar days (60 for stays involving any designated holiday dates) in advance of the confirmed arrival date
    • second notification deadline: 15 calendar days (30 for stays involving any designated holiday dates) in advance of the confirmed arrival date
  • If the first notification deadline is properly observed, only a $35 fee will be applied per account to be refunded (waived in the case of rebooking or credit without any refund processing required).
  • If only the second notification deadline is properly observed, the hotel may retain the deposit portion of the payment.
  • If neither notification deadline is properly observed, including in cases involving late arrival or reductive changes or cancellation made on site after a stay has begun, the hotel may also retain the balance portion of the payment.
  • Fees noted are necessary in order to cover hotel expenses/losses due to cancellation, though they may also be reduced in some cases through efforts to re-rent the cancelled arrangements. Any amount due back to guests who have cancelled will be refunded reasonably promptly in the manner in which payment was originally made, or if not possible, in the manner deemed most appropriate by the hotel.
  • Confirmed arrangements are always automatically held through the entire first night confirmed. Except in cases where proper and timely notification is received by the hotel from the guest, failure to arrive for confirmed arrangements by 10 am on the morning following the confirmed arrival date will result in automatic cancellation of the remainder of the arrangements and application of the other policies described here.
  • Unless the hotel demonstrably fails to provide either the services confirmed or some reasonable equivalent, or some relevant event or development of the type described below arises that was not demonstrably present and officially recognized as being in existence at the time the booking was confirmed, the policies described here apply, including in cases of travel difficulties or error on the part of the guest or others not directly associated with the hotel, and regardless of issues unrelated to the proper operation of the hotel, including (but not limited to) air carrier scheduling changes or cancellations, interruptions of service at local attractions or by local tour/activity providers, the nature of press reports about the area, concerns on the part of the guests involving esthetics and perceived conditions with respect to weather, foliage, the landscape or beaches, diving conditions, and other such matters.


  • When confirming a stay with Playa Maya, the guest fully acknowledges and accepts that the hotel, the city of Playa del Carmen, the airports in Cancun and Cozumel, the Riviera Maya region, the Yucatan peninsula and the entire country of Mexico in general exist/operate in
    • a developing (not first-world) environment, with all the attendant issues that may imply in a variety of aspects, particularly in terms of less than fully reliable infrastructure or high-quality public services that might be the norm or be expected in the guest's home country or in different settings
    • a geographic zone susceptible to hurricanes, tropical storms and other such natural phenomena that may arise from time to time and affect the ability to travel to the area or the perceived quality of vacation time in the area, particularly (but not limited to) the late summer and fall months of the year
    • a socio-political setting potentially susceptible to civil unrest, health and safety issues, and other such important concerns that may similarly arise and affect travel to the area or the perceived quality of time spent in it
  • Similarly, the guest fully acknowledges and accepts not only the above more general points but also any and all specific states of affairs, warnings, advisories, conditions, etc in place at the time the guest's booking is confirmed that may involve/affect the guest's ability to complete the travel intended or the perceived likelihood of the guest properly enjoying the arrangements in question. While of course attempting to keep guests properly informed of any such specific and relevant developments via this site, as possible, and in some cases, by more direct and personal means of contact, the hotel can in no way accept responsibility for the guest's lack of knowledge or awareness of any such issues, or accept any such issues in place at the time of confirmation of a booking as justification for a waiver of the cancellation terms described above. Only developments recognized by the hotel and by relevant governmental authorities as new, and not already in place at the time a guest's booking was confirmed, will be considered as grounds for any such waiver of the regular policies.
  • The hotel will do its best to provide the most consistent, reliable, high-quality service that can reasonably be expected in such a setting, regardless of the specifics in question. However, the guest fully acknowledges and accepts that, given the above, failures in service beyond the control of the hotel may nevertheless arise as a result, from time to time, and do not in and of themselves necessarily constitute justification for waiver of the regular policies.
  • If some new event or development makes it any necessary to interrupt or cancel hotel services to a significant extent, and/or waive regular cancellation terms for guests for whose stays the event or development in question was not pre-existing at the time of confirmation, the hotel may announce on this site a temporary halt to operations and/or waiver for the dates and stays in question. In such cases, such an announcement will include a return to service date and/or waiver period end date, as the date from which regular service and thus all regular cancellation policies apply again as usual, again regardless of issues unrelated to the proper operation of the hotel, from the nature of press reports to issues involving air carrier scheduling to interruptions of service at local attractions to concerns on the part of the guests involving perceived conditions with respect to weather, the environment, health and safety, or any other such matters.
  • If any event prompts authorities to order the sudden evacuation of guests already on site, the hotel, in accordance with local and official operating requirements, will do everything in its power to assist any guests on site to secure appropriate lodging in an area not subject to such an evacuation order for any remaining nights that the guest previously confirmed with the hotel, and will use any funds already paid for those nights to assist in that effort, but with no responsibility implied as to the quality or cost of any such arrangements elsewhere.
  • Particularly in light of the above, the guest fully acknowledges and accepts the responsibility for obtaining appropriate travel or other applicable insurance, to ensure financial coverage in case such events or failures of service coincide with the guest's dates of stay, or the views of the hotel and the authorities the hotel cites regarding the situation do not agree sufficiently with those of the guest, in the guest's estimation, or the guest does not deem some aspect(s) of the above to be sufficient for the guest's particular purposes, as the hotel cannot in any way assume financial responsibility for any difficulties not explicitly described here.