Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the hotel located?
  2. Do you have parking available?
  3. Is breakfast included?
  4. What time is check-in / check-out?


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    Where is the hotel located?

    Right on the beach in central Playa del Carmen. For those familiar with Playa, we are just south of 8th St, about a block south of the famous lighthouse, and about equidistant from Playa's 2 ferry docks.

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    Do you have parking available?

    No. Almost no small properties in Playa do offer parking (though some may refer to public street parking near their entrance as "their" parking). Local authorities also pedestrianized 8th St, the street nearest to our entrance, some years ago. However free parking is available on the street in the surrounding blocks, as is paid private parking.

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    Is breakfast included?

    Yes, we offer each of our guests 3-4 breakfast options to choose from each morning, from something very light to more filling options involving hotcakes and bacon or the like. Or guests can order more specialized items off the menu at the regular price. Most of our guests find the included breakfast to be sufficient, and enjoy it with their feet in the sand under one of our big palapas on the beach.

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    What time is check-in / check-out?

    3 pm and noon, respectively. Somewhat earlier check-in or later check-out may be available but we cannot know that really prior to the arrival of the date in question. However it is never a problem for us to watch your things for you until your room is ready, if you arrive early, or to store them briefly for you if you're leaving later than that, in the event that your room is not ready prior to 3 pm or available after noon.